April 10, 2024

Frank Lampard has Turned down Rumors Claiming Anthony Gordon has a Fresh Bid

In the past few weeks, too many rumors have been rotating surrounding the potential transfer of Anthony Gordon.

Many were coming up with speculations surrounding the potential move of the Everton winger to Chelsea. Many were coming up with their own bidding speculations for the player making up his market worth on their own.

Frank Lampard has Turned Down Rumors

However, Frank Lampard, the current manager at Everton has decided to deal with the situation on his own and turn down rumors. Frank Lampard has denied any claims pertaining to the potential bidding offer for Anthony Gordon.

Lampard has officially responded to all the rumors stating that there are no bidding offers received for the player. He also confirmed that there are no chances of the English player moving to Chelsea prior to the closure of the transfer window.

Anthony Gordon Heavily Linked with Chelsea Transfer

There were multiple claims that Anthony Gordon’s agent was in contact with Chelsea about the potential move of the English player.

It was claimed that the club, Chelsea itself had approached Everton for Anthony Gordon’s signing. The blues had offered a bidding price of €72 million for the 21-year-old winger.

Out of the €72 million bid, the initial transfer fee was €60 million while the add-ons were worth €12 million.

No Offer was Made to Everton

Frank Lampard has gone on to turn down the claims confirming that Everton has received no such bidding offer from Chelsea.

He claimed that they have received no such bid from Chelsea for the signing of Anthony Gordon. He stated that he is their player and this is the reason why he has been added to the squad for the next match.

Lampard Went on to say that Gordon is a huge player for the team as well as the club. He reminded reporters of the statement he had made a week earlier where he mentioned that he is a highly valued payer for the club.

However, his worth is even more for the entire team and the club. He confirmed that no such bid has been made by Chelsea or any other club for the acquisition of the player.

He asked the reporters not to talk about his market value at all because they have not valued him yet. They will put a number on him when the club feels that he is to be moved to a different club.

Anthony Gordon’s Performance

Anthony Gordon joined Everton’s youth club when he was just 11 years old and has stuck with the club ever since.

Although the player has made multiple appearances for the club, he is yet to demonstrate a praiseworthy performance.

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